About Me

Hey friends, I'm Erika - the girl behind the lens.

I lovelove! One of the reasons why I decided to pursue wedding photography. 

I married my high school sweetheart & I'm still head over heels for him. He is also my second shooter at weddings, which only makes shooting weddings much more fun!

I’m a new mom to a beautiful little girl. Her name is lily Jane & I’m absolutely smitten by her!

I have a fur baby as well. He is a Siberian husky & his name is Milo. He’s such a such a sweet boy.

I am a very picky eater! But give me some tacos and I'll be happy.

I am obsessed with disneyland!! I have an annual pass so if you'd like to have a disney date then lets go!

I die for a gorgeous floral bouquet! I wish i could fill my whole room with plants but I can't even keep a cactus alive.

I hate coffee but I'd take a cold-refreshing coke instead.

I'd say lets grab a coffee sometime to get to know each other better but I don't like it so maybe some ice-cream? :)